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When you’re driving through residential streets, every now and then you see that home that just stands out among the rest. This is exactly what a new coat of exterior paint on a house can do! Vibrant colors and a modern color scheme are a great way to make your home a beacon in the neighborhood, all the while increasing the curb appeal and value of your home substantially.

Father & Son Painting has been a trusted name in Northern Colorado house painting for more than 30 years, and we know what it takes to make your home beautiful. We have experience painting all types of home exteriors including wood, stucco, siding, and other composite materials. When you contact us for a FREE consultation, we will discuss your vision with you, and decide on colors for your doors, siding, and trim to really make your house stand out. Our exterior painting service includes the staining and painting of decks, sheds, barns, fences, and doors.

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While it’s easy to see the difference a new coat of paint can make on the outside of a house, there are some not so obvious advantages as well:

  1. Home Vale: New paint is one of the first things that a home appraiser looks for when coming to your home. Chipped or flaking paint on the outside of a home immediately sends out red flags, and will reduce your home value. The best way to impress a potential buyer or appraiser is through a new coat of exterior paint.
  2. Protection Against Elements: In Colorado, we have harsh winters that can cause serious damage to the exterior of your home, including snow, ice, wind, and hail. The natural elements will wear down the paint on your home and could damage the siding or structure without proper protection.
  3. Siding Lifespan: Some home restoration companies will try to convince you that you need new siding, when the truth is that you may already have high quality, energy-efficient siding that just needs new paint. A new coat of paint is much more cost effective than siding replacement, and will reap the same benefits in terms of value, protection, and longevity.

We’ve painted thousands of homes across Northern Colorado and know what it takes as professional house painters. Father & Son Painting is always focused on giving the customer the best experience possible while providing high-quality paint services. You’ll never get hit with unwanted services, and will always know the cost and options up front.

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